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The Narayani Amma Peedam Foundation (Toronto) is a registered non-profit organization and has been in existence since January 1st, 2011. It is also the first cultural centre in Canada dedicated to the religious activities and teachings of Gnanaguru Sri Sakthi Amma of Sri Narayani Peedam, Malaikodi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. The centre offers a broad variety of cultural programs fund-raising opportunities and other experiences for all.

The vision is to have a central place where all members of the community can congregate together to celebrate religious functions, take part in the prayers, sing bhajans (hymns) and learn about our scriptures and the culture; cultivating Bhakti (love for God) and promoting Dharma (righteousness) through service back to the community and mankind as a whole.

The centre is presently involved in many forms of charitable activities such as preparing and serving meals to the homeless shelters and the physically challenged, three times a month & other special occasions; food drives - collection of dried foods and starter kits for abused women and their families; collection and distribution of new, warm clothing (i.e. gloves, toques, scarves, etc.) for the less fortunate and the collection of gifts (toys) at Christmas time.

We are also involved in various cultural activities such as pujas (prayers), bhajans (singing of hymns), Balvikas (teaching of human and moral values), recitation of the sacred sanskrit texts, religious plays, music and dance.  

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Mission Statement

To cultivate purity of thought, kindness in the heart, service in action, harmony in the community, unity in the nation and peace in the world through prayers, unconditional love, sincere devotion and selfless service to mankind.

Board and Committee Members

The Board and Committee consist of a diverse group of individuals who bring their knowledge, loyalty, integrity and love in performing selfless service to the community.

NAPF T About Us
Anita Singh
Veena Chauhan
(Vice President)
Indera Lokhram


NAPF T About Us
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Monica Appugliegsi
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Kalarani Devamanoharan
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